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My dear Susan passed away Aug. 6, 2018.   Just days short of our anniversary.   I carry on this business to keep busy as much as honoring her.   Her words below bring a flood of emotions and tears.  I cant bear editing, updating or even deleting.   So I share,  so you might understand how we started and how much these simple little pieces of glass bring joy and comfort.


from Susan -


There are multiple points in my life that I would consider “defining”.  This was one of them.  Getting hit with Stage 4 breast cancer drove me to reconsider the track of my life.  I was in a dismal state where my meditation and comfort in my faith took over my mind and my heart to a place that I finally came to understand as inner peace.  I had never known what it was to stare at something with such magnifying precision until them.  I had never known a love of life such as I did then at that moment when I asked God, “Why me?”   I never got angry at Him, but I stood resolutely in the comfort that He gave me one more day.  In that gift, I could change everything, in how I chose to live, in the ways I could touch others’ lives and how to love life and everything about it.  I will never forget that day.  That day will live forever in my memory as the catalyst to live every single day to the utmost.   Everything I will do, I believe in doing in a positive light.  I believe in thinking differently.  The way I will do things differently is by creating a product, some product that is beautiful and will bring joy, a smile, only positive to those who use it. With encouragement from my loving family, I was moved to launch JustSuncatchers.com.  Let our creative designs and themes fill your heart with joy!  Our handmade pressed sun catchers illuminate great warmth, intense spirit and are enchanting.


We have expanded our designs from the original Saint sun catchers series to many interesting themes such as, Celtic and Beach, and welcome your ideas and designs.  Trust us to provide a quality product with superior packaging for you or someone near to your heart. 

Let the light of our sun catchers shine on you!

Have a Blessed Day.

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