John Paul II
John Paul II

John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, Poland. As joyful as Pope John Paul was during his papacy, his childhood was rather different. When he was nine he suffered from the loss of his mother and again when he was 12 he suffered from the loss of his eldest brother Edmund. Growing up, John Paul knew he wanted to be a priest and joined a secret seminary after the first university he attended, for theater and poetry, was closed by Nazi troops during the German occupation of Poland. After World War II ended, John Paul completed his studies and was ordained in 1946. He was later elected as pope in 1978. Throughout his papacy, John Paul shaped the relation between the Church and the world, as he was very opinionated about world suffering and founded the World Youth Day. His guidance to the people as Pope ended on April 2, 2005, when he died within the Vatican City at the age of 84 due to his Parkinson̥s disease. Pope John Paul II was officially distinguished as a saint on April 27, 2014. Two miracles attributed to the late pope during his canonization, were a dying French nun was cured of Parkinson̥s disease, the same illness as the pope, when she prayed to him and a 50 year old woman was cured of a brain aneurysm after a photograph of Pope John Paul II spoke to her.<

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