Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The Celtic cross is a symbol used today in many contexts, both religious and secular. The Celtic cross is like a traditional cross but with a ring around the intersection of the stem and arms. The whole cross is often decorated with ornate Gaelic patterns. Sometimes the Celtic cross is set on a tall base to resemble more closely the traditional Christian cross, and at other times the symbol stands alone. The Celtic cross is sometimes nothing more than a simple ÌÕstickÌÒ drawing on a gravestone or at a religious site; other times it is sculpted and quite ornate. The Celtic cross is also called the ÌÕsun crossÌÒ by some who interpret the ring to represent the sun. 

Our sun catchers delight all year round: hanging in a window or from a tree in your garden, they look beautiful and bring a smile or memory to whom ever gazes upon them. This ornament makes a great gift for friends or yourself. 

Approximately 4.25" in diameter and a quarter inch thick, weighing 4 oz or more, these are heavy as one would expect from a quality piece. The glass is individually hand pressed from molds that are engraved in relief. Individual variations such as bubbles and shear marks occur naturally in the process of gathering the glass, distinguishing each as handmade. 

Each sun catcher comes in our gloss white Mission Glass Works Gift box.

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